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Hiren Boot Cd 11.5 Iso




12.04 hmm like it's even bootable? yep it works :D i think you can boot ubuntu with gnome 3 with a old iso how do i make it boot from USB? I have a spare flash drive but, I don't know how to make it boot from USB you mean like ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-i386.iso ye I don't think I have that I'll try to download it are you using gnome-shell? cause I can't figure out how to use gnome-classic I'm trying to use gnome-fallback but I can't figure out how to change my wallpaper or what's the keyboard shortcut for changing wallpapers? I've tried alt+shift+f1 and alt+f1 it just takes me to a terminal i can't figure out what the keyboard shortcut for changing wallpapers is hmmm i have ubuntu 12.04 live x64 and i can't change my wallpaper :D :D you have to install it how? :D i don't know how to install it with ubuntu? I have a 12.04 live usb yeah like this? sudo apt-get install gnome-shell? I think it might be called ubuntu-gnome-desktop yes and after? it will use gnome3? i don't know i just have xfce :D you can choose gnome or unity or kde or lxde when you install it



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Hiren Boot Cd 11.5 Iso

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